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5-6 Future Stars Information

5-6 Future Stars Information




Our season will begin on September 7th and will meet every Saturday from September 7th till November 2nd, from 3:40pm to 4:30pm on Field 3 at 550 Park Center Dr, Santee CA 92071 at the Santee Town Center Community Park. 

***Reminder the age group does not practice during the week and will not be contacted by any coach.***


Please have your players ready to go when they hit the field.  This means, their jerseys tucked, cleats on (NO METAL CLEATS), mouth guards ready (MOUTH GUARDS ARE A  MUST.  PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY WITHOUT THEM!)  No hats worn during play.  Please tell your young athletes to listen to the coaches and respect everyone on the field.    


Sessions will begin with a 10 minute warm-up for every week

  • Light jog
  • Jumping Jack
  • High knees
  • Back peddle
  • Stretching
  • Sprints

  • September 7th, Week 1:  Offense - Footwork and Agility / Pass Routes 

  • September 21st, Week 2:  Offense Pass Routes / Catching  

  • September 28th, Week 3:  Combo of Weeks 1-2 

  • October 5th, Week 4:  Defense - Man & Zone Coverage / Flag Pulling

  • October 12th, Week 5:  Combo of Week 1-4

  • October 19th Week 6: Mini Sessions of 1-4 / Final 20 minutes will be game type scrimmages

  • October 26th Week 7: Mini Sessions of 1-4 / Final 20 minutes will be game type scrimmages

  • November 2nd, Week 8:  Super Bowl Scrimmage followed by Trophy Presentation for all players




Our sessions will all be held on the Football Turf Field 3.  You're more than welcome to bring chairs just as long as the equipment doesn't damage the turf and doesn't interfere with the games.  No food or drinks are allowed on the turf field, only water is permitted.  Parents and fans can be on the sidelines as long as they don't cause any interference.